Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, the sales have come and gone. All 500 packages appear to have been sold. All 250 packages being sold on the first day were sold out in 10mins! That approximately $21,000 in 10mins. I wish my bank statements would show that, haha. The next set of 250 sold out as well, but I am not sure how long it took since I was at work during this sale; the second day was aimed towards our wonderful EU community. Although several people did have difficulties purchasing the package, I think the overall feeling is that the sale was a success.
All that remains now is for G1 to complete their account inspections before injecting the rest of the package. I sure hope this goes smoothly. They are doing this inspection to ensure that multiple Asoka cards can not be attained via this Limited Edition package. Basically, one LE per gaming account. As Raiden himself stated; "We are currently in the process of eliminating fraud and multiple purchases." If all goes well, the injections should be sometime next week.

I unfortunately will not be in town for the injections if they do occur next week. As stated in an earlier entry, I'll be at an archaeological conference presenting to a bunch old men in beards wearing an authoritative gut. Scary, I know...I'd rather stay home and play Sword2!

Anyway, I managed to chip, upgrade and fully socket the Eye of Veilant greatsword. I am currently working on a constellation greatsword. I only crafted it yesterday and tossed in 50 chips. Nothing so far. I'll post mods of both weapons when I complete the constellation greatsword. It'll probably be over a week due to....above :) Also, I am wondering how to acquire the Kurenai greatsword. It is my personal belief that Asoka will only be complete wielding this 2-handed beast. Her Sect of Moonlight stance is now available for 1mil FESO as a result of the last CS and FS update.

Till later

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Conglomerate Entry

Happy Tuesday :)

Man, it's hard coming up with relevant titles for entries...Anywayz, as the title suggest, this entry will be a mixture of various [insert word].

First off, Asoka! I for one am super excited about her sale. I sure hope to get my paws on one. She was initially aimed to go on sale last week Thursday, however, due to certain crucial issues, the sale was postponed till Thursday, this week. I know, I know...I was somewhat disappointed at her price when first announced. But when Neume stated their reasoning behind it, I accepted and was willing to spend the bling for it. The package is much sweeter now due to various suggestions given by the community; glad G1 took those to heart. Yes, I would have bought the package even if the deal did not get sweeten if you are wondering. In preparation for Asoka, I acquired two(2) Sect of Moonlight rings; her expert stance. I also crafted a few swords, one of them includes the powerful greatsword, Eye of Veilant. It has yet to be completed, but rest assured, it will be :)

Secondly, Raiden as announced there will be updates to the Bazaar today during maintenance. The removal of pets and other products are in order. There are speculations as to the addition of new CS boxes. We will have to wait till after maintenance for any certainty.

Thirdly, I start my summer full time job tomorrow; 8:30am till 4pm. But because the archaeological site is on the outskirts of town, I'll have to be up earlier meaning early bed time...Bye bye TA and late night CM runs. Guess that means I'll be less active starting tomorrow. Oh, and I get to go to Halifax next week for 5 days. Fancy that eh...I hope to catch some whales during my short stay at the east coast, hehe.

Lastly, I have been trying to level Valeria, Torsche and Calypso in Murky Underground Caves but for some reason, they all keep on dying. No...I am not poorly equipped...+7 LN 3dr for everyone, one would think that would be enough to keep them alive. On top of this, I keep on getting disconnected over night, it's staying to annoy me.

PS: The status of my broken armour is still at "info received." It has been at this status for over a week now.

Sunday, May 1, 2011



I just wanted to rant a little bit.

While attempting to upgrade my Elite Arcanero Plate yesterday, I ended up breaking it from +5 to +6. Here is what happened as I saw it and still see it; using whatever gold I had, I proceeded to buying one(1)+5 expert lacq and forty(40) Upgrade Accelerators(UAs). Due the intense lag the server was experiencing yesterday, I did not receive these items. I did however lose gold, and the system log said I received them. I thus proceeded to upgrade the armour, and without checking(my bad on this one), I clicked the upgrade button and bam, bye bye Elite Arcanero Plate. Bleeding lag I tell the life right out of ya. Well, I did submit a ticket, the current status is "info received." I hope a conclusion reached soon, for I would like to know if I have to craft a while new armour(yea, I know eh) or if I can use those resources to further advance.

On a different matter, I just got back home from eating out for lunch, and doing some shopping for a Conference I will be attending down in Halifax. I decided to log on the Sword 2 forum and found the updated thread to the Asoka Limited Edition Package. The package is priced at $85.00US! Like, bleeding hell man. It would be nice if there was an explanation as to why this package is price so high. I do have more to say, but I'll end it there.

Lastly, I have been regularly screening the MM for Artisan gear(necklace, earrings, belts, etc.). Recently, people have been over pricing the recipes! Example, on the server I play on, Orpesia, artisan earing recipes sell for 90-100mil; they are currently on MM for 250mil+. The same goes for artisan metal belt recipe, they are or were priced at 70-100mil; currently on MM for 300mil+. Common people, let's stop with the greed please...or at the very least think before you price items. Thank you :)

Well, that's it for the rant. For the next post, I plan on just updating on my progress with Valeria, Torsche and Calypso.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Progress! wOOt!


Bianca, my fighter, is now fully prep-ed. Her Peltast is maxed, her weapon[Constellation Javelin] has been fully upgraded, socketed and moded for PvP. She is also now packing 2 Peltast stance rings which have both been enhanced. Perhaps her only complaint would be in the shield department. She is using a lowly 92e shield.

On other news, I finally managed to expert Artemis last night. As a reward for experting, she was given Shadow Sting stance manual book. She is now working her way to mastering this stance. She still requires a lot of work though to be more effective. Her needs are; armour, weapon(s) and rings. It'll mostly certainly take time to gather all those, but, they will come, that is for sure.

Lastly, somewhat of a blunder happened in the last Torsche run myself and 2 other clanmates did. We all assumed one of us had a treasure key, thus, we went in. Upon arriving at the box, we figured that NONE of us indeed had a key, haha. Thus, lesson learned, do not assume, just make sure to have a treasure key on you at all times.

Cheers guys

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bianca - My Fig

So, I started playing again this Friday after my osteology exam, and I figured I might else well get the expert javelin stance, Peltast.

Bianca, my fighter is now a little bit happier. She now has a new fancy stance to ward of Andre during their chess battle in the barracks. For a fighter, she is lacking ALOT; so yes, she does have something to complain about. I been neglecting her for much to long. She does however have one of my best PvP weapons. She'll reveal the mods in time I think.

Bianca does not have HG, Mighty Cruz, Tronado Cruz, Low Guard or even Crusader...Yea, like I said, I been neglecting my dear Bianca for a little bit. But not to worry, she now has 100% of my attention. She'll be part of my main PvP team soon.

If you are wondering where I got her name from, I named her after the vampire Bianca, from Anne Rice's vampire novel series. In fact, most of my character names have come from Anne Rice novels. My wizard is named Pandora, Andre is named Lestat, scout is name Marius, RK is Maharet, and so forth.

Bianca in all her glory! Haha

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Due to return soon :)

Well, as the heading states, I should be playing more actively once again pretty soon!

Last week is the last day of assignment, after that, I only have 2 exams left; 8th and 16th. I'll be able to play more regularly after the 4th! Looking forward to raiding with my clan mates again.

Although I been fairly busy with university, I still had time to play some simple browser based RTS games. I am currently fooling around on OGame. It's somewhat a fun browser game set in space. The universe my planet is in is Electra. I have always been a fan of RTS games since I first laid eyes on Age of Empires.

When I return to playing Sword 2 more regularly once again, I plan on increasing my family level. I'll probably start by mastering some easy to solo toons such as the MAs, Torsche and whatever speedy melee character I can find as well as equip. Hopefully my summer job still leaves me with enough energy to get in some game time. If not, I'll quit, haha. Just kidding :) Need to make some money to fund my CS Box addiction.

Man, totally treating this thing like a diary...Maybe next time I'll start it of like a journal entry.


Sunday, March 27, 2011


I should be working on assignments right now, but it common knowledge that those are mind numbing.

I will not try to fool anyone; I am terrible at making weekly and even monthly updates on this thing. I guess in a way, I am suitable to be a G1 employee of the year. So, an update is due.

Since the last post, I have added more masters, gathered more equips, added new family members as well as complete raids I previously once could not. One could say, "Hey man, you are progressing!" I'd have to agree. The progress has not been a steady linear progress at all however, or even an exponential one. It's been very fast at some point, and slow to no progress at all in some points. Basically, I still need to figure out a happy medium were I can progress steadily without burning myself out. This summer I will try to find that medium. Is it realistic? I do not know. Personally, that's the upper limit I am setting. I just wish to progress without burning out.

Notable family members I have added are Crazy Emilia, Valeria and Catherine Torsche. These 3 were the new acquisitions with the release of patch 5.0. The patch also brought with it a lot of new stances. I have yet to acquire them all, but I do have Madness and Peltast. Yea, I know, this is one of those slow progress times for me.

I have acquired some new equipment and weapons as well. I was debating posting some images, but that'll require me procrastinating more then I really should. Papers do not write themselves ya know(unless mummy is rich). So, I'll save that for another time.

You may have noticed I am using Book of Fire for my links. It's just my attempt to promote the use of that particular blog. It's not the fanciest looking one out there, but is the information that counts.

Thanks for letting me rumble on.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Been a while..Updates, ect.

My daily morning ritual consist of; checking my email, reading BBC news, checking clan forums and doing the circus run. So, this morning, while reading the clan forums, a clan mate posted a link to his Sword of the New World blog, thus, somewhat giving me a push to write here. This is my first post of the new year, and hopefully not the last. I'll try to update at least once a week.

Colony Resets, Removal of OoPS/Karj/Andre Boxes and Master(s)

Maintenance tonight will bring the addition of the new Karj/Andre Boxes IV,the removal of OoPS and Karj/Andre III boxes as well as resetting the colonies. Hopefully there will be more to tell when the Patch Note is released.

Also, I managed to master my Romina a little over a week a go. Working on my next two characters, Andre and BSmith Idge. Andre, if all goes well, will be Master by tonight and Idge, later this week. I am hoping to have the first Master Andre on the server. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back Playing Sword

Well, since I am back playing Sword..I figured I would rejuvenate this bad boy.

I guess an update is past due..So here goes.

I finally managed to expert my Romina, Grace and Andre. wOOt! Took me a long long time due to my inability to maintain a consist playing time. But well, better then never I guess eh. Now I am waiting for the arrival of the new patch and all it's experts stances and joys it promises. It is believed the patch may be released at the end of this month or beginning of October.

I have also begun to level a Brunie and a Battlesmith Idge. They should be veterans in 2-3 days. I plan on either soloing my BSI and having Brunie and my wizard level togather to expert or all 3 of them together. Not sure yet.

Colony War
Although I have been with Core for sometime now, I have not been able to participate in CW till this past weekend. It was pretty intense. We had at least 5 guilds declare war on us. We managed to put up a good resistance but in the end, we lost a colony. We plan on getting it back this weekend.

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That's all for now...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Almost Done...

Well, I come on at first to update myself with the world of GE as well as give a status update on my situation.

I soon learnt that the clan I was in, Telos, had been disbanded. I was a little saddened, but realized that the clan did have a good run. There were lessons taught and learnt, and I am sure that knowledge will be put to good use.

Before I go, allow me to ramble about Telos..

It had been a long long while since I been on GE. I missed the Manifest Destiny expansion. I started up again when the third expansion was implemented. My very first day back, I was with Karj, Andre and my scout and was at Port of Coimbra. Mis spotted my noobness and asked if I wanted to join a new clan. The fact that she was unaware that I had level 90s+ and that it was a new clan, I was glad to join. I dislike joining clans that are already established. Anywayz, met many people...Astell and Apple had of competition of who was to reach Vet first, Spearrow was the clan clown, Lustme was crazy, Bellaflores knew some kind of coding, Ash rarely spoke, Treborn was from Belgium, Ani'hiel writes stories...And that's all I remember....Oh wait, I believe Kumi was the first one in the clan to get a 92 elite weapon. Anywayz, the clan was small and enjoyable. I disappeared again for a little while, came back to find that the clan was bigger, many new faces as well as advances. Telos now had experts (Apple and War), the brothers for some reason had their accounts banned, so they started new ones, and many more were en-route to expert. I soon another break from GE, this time for exams, and returned to find out the clan had disbanded. There are many memories with this clan, infact, 90% of my GE memories are with this clan.

Anywayz, I will have to end it here. One more exam to study for, and a perhaps a presentation for a conference as well...Oh right! My computer at home is busted. It requires a new CPU.

See you all soon; hopefully this weekend.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well, it's been a while since I logged on Sword. I was however watching CW over my brother's back this Sat and it seemed he and Mahou were enjoying themselves aiding Core. I believe Telos gave a colony to Onslaught, thus, now have 3 colonies. Can't wait for summer to come by so I can finally get my troops to expert...

As for not playing much, well, been somewhat busy with school. Got 4 papers to finish before exams(in April) and a 20min presentation as well..Also, some bit of volunteering. Can never have too many volunteering hours, they are almost always satisfying and as a bonus, they never look bad on an application.

I volunteered to coach some grade 6s and 7s in the sport of rugby. This Tuesday was an interschool tournament for rugby. The groups of boy I was coaching ended up coming second..We lost by 1 point...Oh well, there is always next year and atleast for we won the loudest team award! Hehe :) And I must add, those bloody refs!


Well, the sales have come and gone. All 500 packages appear to have been sold. All 250 packages being sold on the first day were sold out in...