Monday, April 13, 2009

Almost Done...

Well, I come on at first to update myself with the world of GE as well as give a status update on my situation.

I soon learnt that the clan I was in, Telos, had been disbanded. I was a little saddened, but realized that the clan did have a good run. There were lessons taught and learnt, and I am sure that knowledge will be put to good use.

Before I go, allow me to ramble about Telos..

It had been a long long while since I been on GE. I missed the Manifest Destiny expansion. I started up again when the third expansion was implemented. My very first day back, I was with Karj, Andre and my scout and was at Port of Coimbra. Mis spotted my noobness and asked if I wanted to join a new clan. The fact that she was unaware that I had level 90s+ and that it was a new clan, I was glad to join. I dislike joining clans that are already established. Anywayz, met many people...Astell and Apple had of competition of who was to reach Vet first, Spearrow was the clan clown, Lustme was crazy, Bellaflores knew some kind of coding, Ash rarely spoke, Treborn was from Belgium, Ani'hiel writes stories...And that's all I remember....Oh wait, I believe Kumi was the first one in the clan to get a 92 elite weapon. Anywayz, the clan was small and enjoyable. I disappeared again for a little while, came back to find that the clan was bigger, many new faces as well as advances. Telos now had experts (Apple and War), the brothers for some reason had their accounts banned, so they started new ones, and many more were en-route to expert. I soon another break from GE, this time for exams, and returned to find out the clan had disbanded. There are many memories with this clan, infact, 90% of my GE memories are with this clan.

Anywayz, I will have to end it here. One more exam to study for, and a perhaps a presentation for a conference as well...Oh right! My computer at home is busted. It requires a new CPU.

See you all soon; hopefully this weekend.


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