Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Conglomerate Entry

Happy Tuesday :)

Man, it's hard coming up with relevant titles for entries...Anywayz, as the title suggest, this entry will be a mixture of various [insert word].

First off, Asoka! I for one am super excited about her sale. I sure hope to get my paws on one. She was initially aimed to go on sale last week Thursday, however, due to certain crucial issues, the sale was postponed till Thursday, this week. I know, I know...I was somewhat disappointed at her price when first announced. But when Neume stated their reasoning behind it, I accepted and was willing to spend the bling for it. The package is much sweeter now due to various suggestions given by the community; glad G1 took those to heart. Yes, I would have bought the package even if the deal did not get sweeten if you are wondering. In preparation for Asoka, I acquired two(2) Sect of Moonlight rings; her expert stance. I also crafted a few swords, one of them includes the powerful greatsword, Eye of Veilant. It has yet to be completed, but rest assured, it will be :)

Secondly, Raiden as announced there will be updates to the Bazaar today during maintenance. The removal of pets and other products are in order. There are speculations as to the addition of new CS boxes. We will have to wait till after maintenance for any certainty.

Thirdly, I start my summer full time job tomorrow; 8:30am till 4pm. But because the archaeological site is on the outskirts of town, I'll have to be up earlier meaning early bed time...Bye bye TA and late night CM runs. Guess that means I'll be less active starting tomorrow. Oh, and I get to go to Halifax next week for 5 days. Fancy that eh...I hope to catch some whales during my short stay at the east coast, hehe.

Lastly, I have been trying to level Valeria, Torsche and Calypso in Murky Underground Caves but for some reason, they all keep on dying. No...I am not poorly equipped...+7 LN 3dr for everyone, one would think that would be enough to keep them alive. On top of this, I keep on getting disconnected over night, it's staying to annoy me.

PS: The status of my broken armour is still at "info received." It has been at this status for over a week now.


  1. If you remember, they did the same thing to Fae and I. We kept on and on and they kept giving us the run around. Eventually, they closed it and we had to submit a complaint to the Better Business Bureau. They got out of it by saying "we can't establish whose item it really is" when we specified that it didn't matter who they injected the item to. So obviously they wouldn't be able to do that with you. Just a thought, hope it helps.

    - Dragonmount

  2. I see. Well, they closed my ticket after a few back and forth messages. They won't even allow me to update my question, haha. I think they disabled that option for this particular ticket.



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