Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bianca - My Fig

So, I started playing again this Friday after my osteology exam, and I figured I might else well get the expert javelin stance, Peltast.

Bianca, my fighter is now a little bit happier. She now has a new fancy stance to ward of Andre during their chess battle in the barracks. For a fighter, she is lacking ALOT; so yes, she does have something to complain about. I been neglecting her for much to long. She does however have one of my best PvP weapons. She'll reveal the mods in time I think.

Bianca does not have HG, Mighty Cruz, Tronado Cruz, Low Guard or even Crusader...Yea, like I said, I been neglecting my dear Bianca for a little bit. But not to worry, she now has 100% of my attention. She'll be part of my main PvP team soon.

If you are wondering where I got her name from, I named her after the vampire Bianca, from Anne Rice's vampire novel series. In fact, most of my character names have come from Anne Rice novels. My wizard is named Pandora, Andre is named Lestat, scout is name Marius, RK is Maharet, and so forth.

Bianca in all her glory! Haha

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