Friday, May 13, 2011


Well, the sales have come and gone. All 500 packages appear to have been sold. All 250 packages being sold on the first day were sold out in 10mins! That approximately $21,000 in 10mins. I wish my bank statements would show that, haha. The next set of 250 sold out as well, but I am not sure how long it took since I was at work during this sale; the second day was aimed towards our wonderful EU community. Although several people did have difficulties purchasing the package, I think the overall feeling is that the sale was a success.
All that remains now is for G1 to complete their account inspections before injecting the rest of the package. I sure hope this goes smoothly. They are doing this inspection to ensure that multiple Asoka cards can not be attained via this Limited Edition package. Basically, one LE per gaming account. As Raiden himself stated; "We are currently in the process of eliminating fraud and multiple purchases." If all goes well, the injections should be sometime next week.

I unfortunately will not be in town for the injections if they do occur next week. As stated in an earlier entry, I'll be at an archaeological conference presenting to a bunch old men in beards wearing an authoritative gut. Scary, I know...I'd rather stay home and play Sword2!

Anyway, I managed to chip, upgrade and fully socket the Eye of Veilant greatsword. I am currently working on a constellation greatsword. I only crafted it yesterday and tossed in 50 chips. Nothing so far. I'll post mods of both weapons when I complete the constellation greatsword. It'll probably be over a week due to....above :) Also, I am wondering how to acquire the Kurenai greatsword. It is my personal belief that Asoka will only be complete wielding this 2-handed beast. Her Sect of Moonlight stance is now available for 1mil FESO as a result of the last CS and FS update.

Till later

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