Sunday, March 27, 2011


I should be working on assignments right now, but it common knowledge that those are mind numbing.

I will not try to fool anyone; I am terrible at making weekly and even monthly updates on this thing. I guess in a way, I am suitable to be a G1 employee of the year. So, an update is due.

Since the last post, I have added more masters, gathered more equips, added new family members as well as complete raids I previously once could not. One could say, "Hey man, you are progressing!" I'd have to agree. The progress has not been a steady linear progress at all however, or even an exponential one. It's been very fast at some point, and slow to no progress at all in some points. Basically, I still need to figure out a happy medium were I can progress steadily without burning myself out. This summer I will try to find that medium. Is it realistic? I do not know. Personally, that's the upper limit I am setting. I just wish to progress without burning out.

Notable family members I have added are Crazy Emilia, Valeria and Catherine Torsche. These 3 were the new acquisitions with the release of patch 5.0. The patch also brought with it a lot of new stances. I have yet to acquire them all, but I do have Madness and Peltast. Yea, I know, this is one of those slow progress times for me.

I have acquired some new equipment and weapons as well. I was debating posting some images, but that'll require me procrastinating more then I really should. Papers do not write themselves ya know(unless mummy is rich). So, I'll save that for another time.

You may have noticed I am using Book of Fire for my links. It's just my attempt to promote the use of that particular blog. It's not the fanciest looking one out there, but is the information that counts.

Thanks for letting me rumble on.


  1. Ooo an update :o and a new layout :D lol u know the art of procrastination :D We the people want images! lol btw come on so i can give u ur scorp =)

  2. Haha, fine...I'll log on sometime to claim my scorp. :)



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