Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back Playing Sword

Well, since I am back playing Sword..I figured I would rejuvenate this bad boy.

I guess an update is past due..So here goes.

I finally managed to expert my Romina, Grace and Andre. wOOt! Took me a long long time due to my inability to maintain a consist playing time. But well, better then never I guess eh. Now I am waiting for the arrival of the new patch and all it's experts stances and joys it promises. It is believed the patch may be released at the end of this month or beginning of October.

I have also begun to level a Brunie and a Battlesmith Idge. They should be veterans in 2-3 days. I plan on either soloing my BSI and having Brunie and my wizard level togather to expert or all 3 of them together. Not sure yet.

Colony War
Although I have been with Core for sometime now, I have not been able to participate in CW till this past weekend. It was pretty intense. We had at least 5 guilds declare war on us. We managed to put up a good resistance but in the end, we lost a colony. We plan on getting it back this weekend.

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That's all for now...


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