Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Due to return soon :)

Well, as the heading states, I should be playing more actively once again pretty soon!

Last week is the last day of assignment, after that, I only have 2 exams left; 8th and 16th. I'll be able to play more regularly after the 4th! Looking forward to raiding with my clan mates again.

Although I been fairly busy with university, I still had time to play some simple browser based RTS games. I am currently fooling around on OGame. It's somewhat a fun browser game set in space. The universe my planet is in is Electra. I have always been a fan of RTS games since I first laid eyes on Age of Empires.

When I return to playing Sword 2 more regularly once again, I plan on increasing my family level. I'll probably start by mastering some easy to solo toons such as the MAs, Torsche and whatever speedy melee character I can find as well as equip. Hopefully my summer job still leaves me with enough energy to get in some game time. If not, I'll quit, haha. Just kidding :) Need to make some money to fund my CS Box addiction.

Man, totally treating this thing like a diary...Maybe next time I'll start it of like a journal entry.


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