Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Have not logged on Sword for a couple days now..Been busy with school..Have some exams next weeks and some quizzes..Have to catch up with some readings..Anywayz, hopefully I will find some time to log on again. Bah, enough procrastinating, I need to go. PEACE!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


This weekend is a mega weekend of events. Yesterday hosted Clan Wars (for GE) and UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn 2, today is the men's finals for the Aussie Open(Nadal vs. Federer), the epic fut-ball/soccer match in the EPL between Chelsea and Liverpool (GO CHELSEA!) and the Superbowl (Arizona vs. Pitts). Good weekend for sports/entertainment :)

CW was a non-existent yesterday. Don’t know what else to say...The Telos clan was checking on raids, talking about clan PvP and aiding a clan in need. No one attacked us(I think). Hopefully this does not continue =P On the bright side, we do still have our colonies and the bonus HP buff received is most welcomed.

UFC 94 saw GSP validate his first win over Penn via a fourth round TKO. GSP has to be the best pound for pound right now. Have to give a hand for Penn though, he hung in there. Hopefully he knows not too talk too much trash next time.

As for today's match ups, I am hoping Chelsea will beat Liverpool today! Someone needs to dethrone Manchester United and Chelsea is the team to do it! The men's Aussie Open final should be a sweet match. Whenever Nadal and Federer go against each other, the fans always get tennis magic and brilliance. Lastly, the Superbowl, debatably the biggest sporting event in North America is finally here. Won't say much about this, people already know what's happening with this. I will be rooting for the underdog! Go Arizona!

Enjoy the entertainment and the vid :)


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