Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Been a while..Updates, ect.

My daily morning ritual consist of; checking my email, reading BBC news, checking clan forums and doing the circus run. So, this morning, while reading the clan forums, a clan mate posted a link to his Sword of the New World blog, thus, somewhat giving me a push to write here. This is my first post of the new year, and hopefully not the last. I'll try to update at least once a week.

Colony Resets, Removal of OoPS/Karj/Andre Boxes and Master(s)

Maintenance tonight will bring the addition of the new Karj/Andre Boxes IV,the removal of OoPS and Karj/Andre III boxes as well as resetting the colonies. Hopefully there will be more to tell when the Patch Note is released.

Also, I managed to master my Romina a little over a week a go. Working on my next two characters, Andre and BSmith Idge. Andre, if all goes well, will be Master by tonight and Idge, later this week. I am hoping to have the first Master Andre on the server. :)


Well, the sales have come and gone. All 500 packages appear to have been sold. All 250 packages being sold on the first day were sold out in...