Thursday, January 29, 2009

Poison Yard and Raid

Yesterday was a busy pioneering day. Some of us, the Telos Clan, wanted to do the boss raid Hell Breaker, so we set out in the morning. While Lunesca, Astell and myself were hunting Golden Bats for extra keys, the Fatal Clan opened the portal. It had closed before the three of us could get in. Fortunately, the lovely AutumnFae managed to get in. However, the timer Warlust had given us was incorrect as AutumnFae would inform us. Astell then had to leave for class, I went to check on Gerero and to my joy, he was there. I managed to kill him with some help. 5 hours later and it was time for the Hell Breaker raid, we all got ready and pioneered in. We unfortunately lost the FC to Elysium. Soon after that we went into Pioson Yard and OWNED! Owned hard we did. All in all, yesterday was an exhausting day in Sword of the New World.

About this blog

Well, this blog will mostly pertain to my pioneering on Sword of the New World. My good times, bad times, clan times, ect. So, might else well say a bit about this game and my toons.

Sword of the New World is the American version/server of Granado Espada, a Korean MMORPG. It is free to play and well, just fun. Link to main site.

I am currently working on getting 3 of my toons to expert. My Grace Bernelli, Romina and Andre. It will be a long while before they become experts, BUT, they will be experts. And that is them up there :)

Little about myself :)

Well, guess I should start by introducing myself.

Name: Zeb
Fav. Colour: Green
Game Current Playing: Granado Espada: Sword of the New World
Fav. Author: Anne Rice
Fav. Sport: Rugby, Soccer and Cricket


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